What People Are Saying...

Dr. Frink is Awesome! I was so scared of the chiropractor before him & after a few times going I love it! He's super friendly & does good work.

Has helped me feel whole more times than I can count over the years. So grateful.

Kate A.

The chiropractor that makes a difference! Make your appointment today...

Linda K.

I have been going to Dr. Frink since I was 9 years old after an accident. He does an amazing job! I recommend him to everyone. I just got into an accident in June and I have been in pain ever sense and waited way to long to go see him. I got pretty hurt and it will be a process but I know he is the guy to help me be pain free again. The whole place is great! I would for sure give him and his whole office 5 stars!!

Juan J.

Dr. Frink was highly recommended be several friends. I have seen him once and already know why. He is very personable, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. I felt relief after my first visit!

Bobbi H.

Amazing. As always. Gentle, professional, and truly cares about his patients. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Frink.

Ariel B.

Mike has helped me in time of need when my body needed a lot of help. I would recommend anyone who needs Mikes services for a better way of life. Thank you Mike for setting me straight. No pun intended

Raul D.

He is a Great Chiropractor, have seen him many times when I lived in Spanaway- for TMJ Migraines and back issues. Ivan Likes him too and told me about him. For all my friends in WA- go check him out !

Laurie S.

Dr. Frink, is a truly talented chiropractor who really cares about his patients, thanks Doc for helping me feel better!!! If you need chiropractor care or regular maintenance this is the guy to see!!!

Tamara T.

Best!! Mike helped me when my back was in such bad shape and I have had the strongest back ever since!

Toni M.

Getting my neck and back all worked out so I can train hard again...

Brad P.

Mike is a great Chiropractor and has an awesome bedside manner!

Steven W.

Dr. Frink has helped me more than l can ever explain in this small comment box. He is a top notch Doc.

Mac G.

Mike is the best.

Robert L.

Dr. Frink has delivered me from pain countless times over the many years that he has been my chiropractor. I have degenerative bone disease in my spine and when it flares up I see Dr Frink and always leave his office feeling better or know I will be feeling better shortly. The relief is enormous. He is an extremely nice person as well. The office staff is very welcoming, the place just has a really comfortable atmosphere. I would definitely recommend everyone make an appointment with him.

Barbara H.

He's one of the best!!! I would truly recommend Dr. Micheal J. Frink. He's caring and has a big heart for his patient's. I actually need to schedule another Appointment soon!

Deborah M.

I have been a patient with Dr. Frink for 25 plus years, he has healed my body, with various adjustments, based on where the pain originated...I think he is a miracle man that is passionate about his work, with all people, all ages, all conditions....He has enhanced my mobilitiy issues, and back problems, neck problems, alike, and I am honored to be one of his clients. You will not find a finer Dr. in this specialty, I believe.

Frank S.

My favorite Chiropractor ever! My kids and I have been patients of Dr. Frink for for more than a decade. Dr. Frink genuinely cares about his patients and has an excellent bed side manner. I've never had an issue with scheduling same day appointments and the office staff is friendly.

Melissa B.

Dr Frink is awesome! My husband and I have been going to him for a couple years now and he has always taken the time to adjust us thoroughly and make us feel better. I recently had a problem with my shoulder and was unable to sleep on my right side. He fixed this in one visit and I have been sleeping much better. Thank you Dr. Frink!

Gwen B.